Friday, April 17, 2015

Boise City Public Art Academy

   A few months ago I was selected to be a part of the third  Boise City Public Art Academy This is a  career training program for Idaho artists completely free of charge. I was encouraged to apply by friend and artist Marianne Konvalinka who previously attended the academy and had lots of good things to say about it.   We met every Wednesday for 3 hours for 8 weeks. Karen Bubb was our fearless leader and did a wonderful job of leading us from week one jitters of "how could I ever do this?" to last nights final presentations and celebration. I learned a lot from this class and made a lot of new art friends. Thanks for the opportunity!

Photoshopped photo of my project on the construction fence. 
There were lots of great projects presented. I proposed a community chalkboard 4 ft. by 16 ft. People could add their drawings or words of what they love about Boise. They can also add to it by bringing items to glue to the edge which would create a frame of found objects. 

Three projects were chosen. Congratulations goes to: 
  1. Candy Canning’s “Le Retour”
  2. Ellen DeAngelis’s “22”
  3. Ray Kane & Kevin Mills “Falling Dominos”
Can't wait to see them!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Round Robin Art Journal Retreat Weekend

this is how the dining room table looked for 2 days

Once upon a time ( last weekend) 5 women, 2 dogs and a myriad of art supplies, snacks and wine all met up two hours out of town, up in the mountains at the Studio M Annex. It was time to get away from the everyday, to create some art and have a few laughs. And for the camaraderie- most artists work alone, so it's always nice to get together with some other creatives and share ideas.

My background layer
 Here were the rules- we had 30 minutes each to create a background for our journal page or substrate. A 10 minute break then pass to the next person to add to it.

second layer added by Marianne

Next layer was added by Lisa

The 4th artist in the line up was Jaki

and then Nancy got to leave her mark.

These are the other 4 finished pieces-they are all wonderful and they all have our marks.

After our day of "playing" with the art materials we all walked to dinner at the local bar owned by a couple of women from Alaska and had some great fish and chips. Dinner was followed by a brisk walk back and a viewing of one of my favorite movies "Moulin Rouge" followed by "Rock of Ages." Thanks to Marianne for putting this all together and sharing her Studio M Annex with us.

Friday, January 16, 2015

If I don't document it, does it mean it didn't happen?

The conundrum of the blog post. I update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram almost daily but the blog has seemed to take a back burner. Time to catch up and with the New Year and all it seems fitting. I just finished the cover for my new art/travel journal for 2015.

In between the travels I had a two day show at the Arts and Sesqui Shop in Downtown Boise in December. Fun being downtown with other artists.

January has seen me busy with applying for things: 

1. I applied to get another traffic box art project
2. I met with Boise Brewing and will get to do their beer of the month label for July as well as a one person First Thursday show in conjunction with it.
3. I submitted a piece for the Valentines for Aids fundraiser.
4. I got pieces ready for a Gypsy Gallery exhibit for the end of the month.
5. I applied for the BOSCO show at Surel's Place
6. I applied for the Boise Public Art Academy
7. I entered a piece of art for the New Years Potato drop and got a call yesterday that they really liked it but couldn't figure out how to photograph it well and I was thinking to myself welcome to my world. This past year I have made quite a few shadowbox type assemblages with glass fronts that are very difficult to photograph well. Anyway they didn't get to use it for publication but wanted to purchase it for the Idaho Potato Commission offices. Cool!

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Not All Black and White

This piece I completed a few years ago. The pigs on top I made in Sue Latta's resin workshop. They are glued on a block of wood. I was never completely satisfied with this piece and took some pliers and a razor blade to it and took it apart.  I am working on a series of pieces using plastic cast off pieces and wanted to incorporate this into that series. I was going to attach the whole block to another piece but when I glued the pigs on top they extend off the back edge so it would not lay flat.

 I painted this frame black and added a backing covered with black scrapbook paper. I still wasn't satisfied and took it over to my friend Marianne's Studio for input. She said it's too bad that all the black items are devils, guns etc. and the white items are cute bunnies and hearts. But that's the way these things come and my plan was not to paint the objects but to use them as they are. 

This is the final incarnation. I overcame the problem of all things depicted in white as good and all things depicted in black as evil by incorporating color. My mother tends to be a person that see's things as black or white. That has never been me. As a Libra I can weigh both sides of an issue and always try to see the others viewpoint.

So here goes- my 12" x 16" "Where's Waldo" assemblage I have included things that are controversial, American Flag = extreme right tea party vs a more liberal philosophy - the gun -2nd Amendment vs those that don't think we all need to be carrying guns) cellphone =radiation and government spying, Food=GMO's and what's gonna kill us or give us dementia or cancer, the stethoscope = the Ebola crisis, the Ken doll with the bicycle helmet = helmet laws vs personal freedom,  the computer- is technology making us all less social and is this just another venue for Big Brother to watch us?, The cow and the cheese = dairy, is it good for us, what about antibiotics?, The woman's torso with the red light pointing to it = body image issues and the media, high heel shoe's and surgery, the dice represent gambling (state lotteries giving $ to education?), Dinosaur, is the earth really only 6,000 years old despite scientific data?, and hence the Jesus fish. The white tennis shoe represents exercise- how much is too much?, The spider- people hate spiders but they are part of the ecosystem, the lamb= veganism, vegetarianism, is it healthier?,  lady bug=pesticides, Red Bull pull tab- really?, Eagle= new wilderness designations?, camera= photographing in the wilderness for a fee, coke= obesity epidemic, Halloween and Christmas. paganism or religious holidays?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Painting Artifacts with William Lewis

The class was based on the exhibit of the Boise Fire Department at the Boise Arts and History Sesqui Shop on Main Street in downtown Boise. After a quick slide show of the artist tradition of  painting objects, we were to pick an artifact from the exhibit that spoke to us and paint it in oils. 

Terry kept thinking someone was looking over her shoulder!
I wonder why?

Call Box

Lisa Flowers Ross

Pam McKnight 

the placard that was on my artifact
The instructors painting, I love how he captured the three dimensionality of the hat. 

We were able to paint right in the midst of the exhibit.
The only other time I was able to do this was at the Dallas Museum of art.  

A photograph from the show

William Lewis, the instructor.

Terry Burkes

I like the brick background on the painting and the fact that we got to use real wood palettes. 

PennyLea Mackie

Students' work will be on display in the Sesqui Shop through the end of this month.

I was very impressed with everyone's work. Some had never painted in oils before. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Show us your studio table (unedited)

The Altered Page presented us with a challenge:
show us what your studio looks like when it is not all cleaned up and pretty for others to see.

When it is clean and shiny and lots of work space showing....that means I am not creating.

 This was all stacked on the table, then moved to the fireplace...then more started to find it's way back onto the table... would like to get this all put away before winter so I can use the fireplace.

I took the cutting board out of storage so this would make me keep this space clean. Guess that worked for just a minute! 

So far Seth has 50 links to other artist studios and adding more as they come in. This makes us all feel a little better, art is messy!

Click on the link above and start your tour.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Summer Travel Pages in my Re-purposed Journal

This blog post is part two from January 8
  Repurposed Art Journal

These are travel collages, using maps and ephemera and watercolors, crayons and markers.

This 2 page spread reminds me of the nice vacation we had with my sister-in-law.

I usually complete a group of pages at once, instead of one a day.

This 2 page spread captures the lovely weekend we spent with our friends Mario and Bella. 

 The left hand page is a collage from a Public Art Dedication that I went to that my two friends Marianne and Lynn created.

These pages are created while on my trips, I'm usually pretty busy but can find an afternoon here or there to catch up on my journaling. If I wait until I get home, it is too overwhelming and I never get around to it. 

On the left is a tattoo design I created for my friend Mandi. On the right is one of the original pages from my daughters journal. 

This 2 page spread will remind me of the fabulous time I had with my oldest daughter this summer while spending a week at her home. 

Mine on left, daughters on right. I am currently reading "The Time Traveler's Wife"
and working in this journal reminds me of the story a little bit as my daughter and I are not passing the journal back and forth to work in it, but it is her journal from 10 years ago?
And when I see her markings I think of her how she was then instead of now as a young adult. 

"I could never resist the call of the trail" Buffalo Bill

I love trying to make sense of my daughters diagrams and doodles. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August, September and October Happenings

Here is what's coming up next:

1. Gypsy Gallery group showing in the Lobby of C. W. Moore Bldg. at the corner of 5th and Front in Boise. This show is up now during regular business hours.
Far From Average

2.  TVAA show Monsters, Myth and Magic opening August 22 5-8 pm and up till Oct. 31 during regular business hours.
Time for Work
3. Traffic Box Opening Night Thursday Sept. 4, at the walkway to the Grove between Grove and Main on 9th street in Boise. With live music from Dallin McCallister.

Bike Boise

4. Books and Brushes Fundraiser group show at and for the Garden City Library. Show starts September 10. with a reception on the 26th.
Wine is Life
5. Boise Open Studio weekend Oct. 11th 10-6 and the 12th from 11-4. at 2820 N. 28th In Boise. I will be showing at the studio of Geoffery C. Everts and Nancy Panganiban.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Art in the Garden

 I was invited to apply for "Art in the Garden" in McCall, ID July 26th and was accepted. You could set up 6 pieces for the silent auction show. Here is my "practice display in my back yard. My husband attached stakes to the bottom of each foot of the screen so it would not fall over in the grass. 

 Here is our actual set up in the garden, the night of the show. 

 Here is John Killmaster, an artist I admire and is also a member of BOSCO and TVAA. I told him he reminded me of Monet sitting under the tree with his beard and hat. Just a perfect setting.

 A nice gathering despite many competing activities that night. 

I was asked if I could put a logo on the truck at a later date. I said yes.


It was a fun show and I would do it again. 
Short and sweet is good. It ran from 5:00 - 8:00, 
there was food, they handled the $ and it was in a beautiful setting with shade.